How do classes work?

In our classes you’ll learn the moves and the skills to be able to dance salsa socially with a variety of partners.

You don’t need to bring a partner with you: we rotate partners so everyone dances with everyone. Whether you’re coming alone or with a group, you’ll be circulating quickly and meeting plenty of new people to practice with as you move around the circle.

We run social dancing straight after class for you to practice and enjoy your new social dancing skills, and special socials which give us a chance to dress up and go out.

What Should I Wear?

Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. Expect to get warm! There is no dress code: some people come straight from work, others dress up a little.

You don’t need special dance shoes: make sure you’re wearing shoes which are firmly attached to your feet (thongs are a no no!) and which have soles that you can move in without too much friction. Sneakers should be fine. Many ladies wear high heels for salsa, but it’s best to stick to comfortable, low-heeled shoes while you get the hang of the steps.

If you’re ready to buy proper dance shoes, check out Amy’s blog for a range of tips and reviews!

What style of salsa do you teach?

There are a number of different styles of salsa, which all have slightly different flavours.  Three main styles are danced in Adelaide: New York on2, LA on1 and Cuban salsa. For the curious cats: ‘on2’ and ‘on1’ refers to the beat on which the forward and back steps happens in these two different styles.

All our classes are New York style salsa on2.  We love this style because it combines beautiful technique and lines with plenty of room for your own personality. It can be smooth and romantic, fast and furious, or funky and playful. We dance it to beautiful salsa (or ‘mambo’) music, both old and new, with gorgeous rhythms, big bands sounds, and a rich musical history.

I already dance salsa, but not on2...

If you already dance a different style of salsa, congrats on expanding your repertoire, you salsaholic! The first few weeks of trying a new style can be tough. The basic step and the feel of on2 are quite different to on1 or Cuban style, so no matter your level, we recommend you try a beginners’ class first. This will give you time to focus on the timing without being overwhelmed by new turn patterns or material.  We know you’ll come to love on2 as much as we do!

In order to help with your transition, we have a special offer for existing salsa dancers converting to on2! Check it out by clicking the link below!


Which class should I take?

We know that everyone progresses at their own pace, and we think that the learning experience should be fun and fulfilling! For these reasons, we don't run on a termly basis, and we won't rush you through a syllabus without giving you time to practice or cement your learning. The foundation of great salsa dancing is a good knowledge of the basics, so we encourage you to polish your technique before trying harder moves.

To make sure that every student has a great experience, each of our class levels requires that you are familiar and comfortable with a set of core moves and techniques. To take our improvers class, you must have a solid grasp of on2 timing and be able to lead/follow core beginner moves with ease. If in doubt, ask us for a dance and we'll help you work out which class is right for you, or what to work on in order to progress. 

Do you do performance teams?

At Salsafeet, we believe that good salsa dancing takes technique, training, and passion. These are all qualities you can learn through learning choreography, but it isn't the only way! Performing can be great but it's also expensive and time-consuming. We are more interested in creating a culture of learning and growing to become great social dancers. After all, a performance is 3 minutes, social dancing is life!

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