Social Dancing


The beating heart of salsa is the social dancefloor!

We run weekly socials straight after our classes on Wednesday nights at the Cathedral Hotel, North Adelaide, from 8.30pm. The social is included in the price of your class, otherwise entry to the social only is only $5.

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For us, salsa is all about social dancing. We're dedicated to creating a friendly, relaxed environment for you to socialise and dance it out with old friends and new. This is where you put your learning into practice and get creative with your partner - there's no feeling quite like it! It's also the fastest way to improve, so simply ask a partner to dance and hit the floor!


Our socials, like our classes, aim to foster a safe and welcoming environment for all dancers. We'll provide good music, a great space and floor. We ask that you observe safe social dancing etiquette by remaining aware of your surroundings and refraining from dangerous moves which might injure your partner or those around you. 


We support quality salsa music and dancing in Adelaide and we encourage you to get out and enjoy other local salsa events. You'll find us wherever great salsa is happening, and we'll make sure you know about upcoming events.